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Check State Anti Fraud Training Requirements

NATG's top industry professionals have years of state anti-fraud compliance experience. We are insiders who know how tough it is to stay on top of all required compliance training. We make insurance fraud training easy and convenient, whether online, or on location, with our customized annual and new hire training courses, whereas we create multiple versions for all lines of insurance as well as for all types of personnel. There is no need for your staff to train on something they do not perform!

Many states continue to add fraud training regulations to their SIU fraud plans which mandates personnel to obtain an introductory or an on-going annual anti-fraud training for integral personnel.  NATG will tailor a program and provide the courses necessary to keep our clients on top of all their training requirements. We provide multiple versions for all lines of business as well as versions for the proper departments. NATG will track and maintain all of your employee training records and diary each for their annual training. As an administrator, you have complete access to your employee's records, transcripts, certificate of completions and access to our reporting features.  

A means to combating insurance fraud is through education. As more states add Fraud Plans to their requirements, Education is to be included in those plans. NATG has made it simple for you and your company to obtain the Anti Fraud Compliance Training required of you.

  • Courses taught online or in your place of business.
  • Programs tailored to meet your company or state mandates
  • Client company’s SIU procedures, guidelines, and contacts included
  • All material is editable and is updated as needed
  • New courses created annually.
  • Frees your time to engage in other important activities
  • Cost and time effective
  • Lively and stimulating course content
  • Independent of any investigation vendors, so no marketing or sales promoting occurs at any time.

Our courses both enhance career development and increase productivity. browse our course offerings and see why NATG is the trusted partner in fraud Training, continuing education and Insurance Fraud Certification.

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