Insurance Fraud Certification Level 1

The Level I Basic Certification includes the following 10 credit hour course curriculum for $250.00

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Insurance Overview (1 Credit Hour)

This course will give you an understanding of what insurance is, the different lines, and what each line covers. We will discuss the claims process and understand important and common definitions used in the insurance industry. You will learn what an insurance policy is and what is included in each policy. You will learn what bad faith is and how to avoid it during an investigation.

Introduction to Insurance Fraud (3 Credit Hours)

You will learn what Insurance Fraud is, who and what insurance fraud affects, the cost and widespread of fraud, examples, and consequences, as well as efforts to reduce fraud and who might commit this crime. You will learn how an adjuster may handle a suspected claim, how to identify a suspected claim, the techniques used by the adjusters and investigators, and the insurance fraud indicators.

The Use of Surveillance in an Insurance Investigation

(2 Credit Hours)

This course will provide the private investigator who conducts insurance investigations with knowledge of the insurance professional's intention for surveillance. You will also learn what a claims professional should provide the investigator and when and how they utilize surveillance during an insurance investigation. This course also shows what is required from the claims professional to initiate the surveillance, what is needed from the investigator, what can occur during the investigation, and what should be expected from the surveillance.

Understanding Your Client's Objectives (1 Credit Hour)

This course speaks directly to the private investigator who serves the insurance industry. The student will learn to identify client objectives using a basic understanding of the various lines of insurance and functions of insurance professionals and entities, combined with communication and organizational skills that will enhance the client-vendor relationship to zero in on the real purpose behind every referral. This course will show where referrals originate, why, and how the final product can be used later on in the life of the claim.

Workers' Compensation Fraud (3 Credit Hours)

This course will provide knowledge about the types of fraud committed by claimants, employers, businesses, and medical providers in the worker's compensation field. It will also provide you with red flag indicators, methods of detection to identify possible fraudulent activity, and strategies to investigate and combat workers' compensation fraud.
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